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Poveča delovno območje robota z izjemno natančnostjo, popolnoma združljiv s krmilnim sistemom robota.

Gantry systems for unrivalled welding flexibility of larger assemblies
YASKAWA is a leader in the field offering solutions for welding complex, large assemblies. We offer a range of modular robot gantry systems with proven reliability and high performance that can be configured to customer's exact needs including MOTOMAN work piece positioners. The entire gantry system is seamlessly integrated with the DX100 robot control system for optimum performance and ease of programming of the MOTOMAN robot, positioners and the gantry itself.

The principle of welding large assemblies using a gantry system
When robot welding items such as excavators, containers, earth moving equipment etc, it is recommended that the robot is inverted above the work piece in order to gain the best possible access to the joints. Depending on the nature and physical size of the assembly, the robot can travel along linear servo slides in the Y axis (along the length of the assembly), the X axis (across the width of the assembly) and Z axis (up and down). The gantry’s Y-beam is built up of 2 and 4 meter modules to any desired length with a suitable number of supporting pillars. If the system comprises several robots then they can be configures so they work together or independently from each other.

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